Adjournment- Wyperfeld National Park

08 June 2017- Mr O'Sullivan- My adjournment matter tonight is for the attention of the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The action I seek is for the minister to instruct Parks Victoria to undertake repairs to the historic drop-log well at the Wyperfeld National Park up in the Mallee. The drop-log well itself is situated at the north end of the Wirrengren Plain. In 2014 there were bushfires up in that part of the world that burnt from Lake Hindmarsh up through the national park to Underbool — a distance of some 50 to 70 kilometres. It was a very large fire, and it burnt for many, many days. As a result of the fire burning through Wyperfeld National Park, many historic features were burnt.

At the time there were probably not enough precautions taken by the park administration against the fire to ensure that these historic features within the national park could be saved. An old log bridge that crossed Outlet Creek, which is essentially the end of the Wimmera River system, was burnt during that fire, and that was disappointing, because that one will be gone forever.

The drop-log well is a very neat one that was probably built back in the late 1800s after the lake had dried up and water was required for a whole range of purposes in what is a fairly dry part of the world. This well has got beautiful logs going right down probably about 10 metres into the ground. As the fire went through it burnt about the top four rungs of pine posts, and it is now starting to cave in. The action I am seeking is for the environment minister to ensure that the drop-log well is repaired immediately, because if it is left much longer, it will fall into a state of disrepair and be lost forever.

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