Andrews CFA split will hurt communities

Daniel Andrews has continued his attack on CFA volunteers with plans to split Victoria’s biggest volunteer organisation.

While the rest of Victoria celebrates Volunteer Week, which is focused on praising the huge contribution CFA volunteers have made to Victorian communities, Labor’s secret cabinet committee designed to split the CFA put its proposal to Cabinet on Monday.

The news comes weeks after The Labor Government cut $47 million from the Emergency Management budget, with communities across Victoria to expect a reduction of more than 3,500 volunteers.

The proposed split of the CFA would see the organization become a country volunteer-only body which would mean thousands less volunteers protecting Victoria.

The Nationals Member for Northern Victoria Luke O’Sullivan has called for CFA volunteers and supporters across the region to band together to fight the split.

"Daniel Andrews is again trying to dismantle the CFA. The CFA is absolutely vital to our communities and we must unite to stop Labor from tearing the organisation apart," Mr O’Sullivan said.

Mr O’Sullivan said splitting the CFA to hand over suburban areas to career firefighters would greatly impact the organisation’s ability to mobilise large numbers of emergency personnel to major disasters in rural areas, putting the safety of local communities at risk in the event of a large scale fire.

"During the Black Saturday fires we depended on career firefighters and volunteer brigades, to protect our homes and families. They saved thousands of lives. Imagine how much more devastating it could’ve been if our volunteer numbers had been reduced.

"Daniel Andrews is selling out CFA volunteers in favour of his union mates and we can’t stand by and watch it happen.

"The Nationals will always stand up for CFA volunteers. They are risking their lives in the same fires as their paid colleagues and they are essential to the safety of our communities.

"Let’s stand together to protect the volunteers who project us."

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