Bendigo Population Policy Taskforce launch

Member for Northern Victoria Luke O’Sullivan and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader Tim Smith are launching the Greater Bendigo Region Population Policy Taskforce on Monday 27 March.

The local taskforce will work with the Victorian Coalition’s Population Taskforce to engage in discussions and develop ideas regarding how to grow the Greater Bendigo region.

The taskforce will help to inform the Coalition’s long-term policy until 2050 and aims to boost regional and rural areas.

Mr O’Sullivan said that this is a fantastic opportunity to put the Greater Bendigo Region on the agenda and to get people considering the benefits of living and working in regional areas.

‘‘We need to try and draw people away from a city-centric mentality and highlight all of the great things that regional areas have to offer as well as working out ways to incentivise people to consider living and working in regional areas,’’ Mr O’Sullivan said.

Mr O’Sullivan said with 77 per cent of Victoria’s population are living in Melbourne and that growth there was not sustainable.

"Victoria is leading the nation for population growth, adding 127,500 people in 2016. More than 90% of those people are living in Melbourne so we have to look at what regional areas can offer and help to ease the congestion in the city.

‘‘We’re looking for local knowledge with this taskforce and welcoming ideas from a range of community leaders and members in Bendigo’’ Mr O’Sullivan said.

"Regional and rural areas hold so many opportunities for people to live, work and visit. The Greater Bendigo Population Policy Taskforce will be one of our best tools in boosting our regions."

Greater Bendigo region residents can have their say by visiting

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