Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017

I have just got one question I would like to ask the minister in relation to this piece of legislation that is in front of us, and it is in relation to country services.

Just recently Euroa taxi operator Damien Murphy has made the decision that he is going to close his taxi service for Nagambie on 2 December, leaving that town without a taxi. He has said that this is a direct result of the impending $2 levy that will have to be put onto each of the trips that will be undertaken in that town. Uber does not exist in the township of Nagambie; it is only a small town. Can you, Minister, indicate to me please what sort of service guarantee the government will be able to give to small communities like Nagambie in relation to situations like this where the taxi service is going to close due to the regulation of a Melbourne-based service?

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