Crime continues to rise in Bendigo


The crime wave overrunning Victoria has continued to heavily impact the Greater Bendigo region as the area has seen a 28.9 percent increase in crime since 2016, according to the Crime Statistics Agency.

Luke O’Sullivan, the Member for Northern Victoria has stated that crime is one of the biggest issues facing regional Victoria, with overall crime up by 10.1 percent in the state.

“The increasing crime rate in Victoria is reflective of the huge problem facing rural and regional communities.” Mr O’Sullivan said.
“Our regional areas such as Bendigo have seen a significant increase in crime and these areas will struggle to feel safe with the Andrews Labor Government’s soft approach to crime.”

Victoria Police recorded 10,828 offences in the year ending December 31, 2016 in the Bendigo region, compared to 8,400 offences recorded the previous year. This rise in offences has included a 21.6% rise in break and enters, a 36.1% rise in theft and a 25% increase in crimes against the person.

The most recent statistics have shown that the Greater Bendigo region has experienced the most drastic increase in recorded crimes of the larger regional areas in Victoria.

“What we have seen from the Andrews Labor Government is nothing short of weak when it comes to tackling the issue of crime in regional areas.

“People will continue to feel unsafe in their communities until the Labor Government starts to take the issue of crime in regional areas seriously.”

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