Crime rates continue to rise in Shepparton

Community safety in Shepparton is at risk after Daniel Andrews’ continued failure to tackle a rising crime rate, The Nationals Member for Northern Victoria, Luke O’Sullivan said.

The Victorian Crime Statistics Agency recently released its quarterly data, revealing the number of offences recorded by police in Victoria has risen by 4% since 2016 with the number of offences in the Greater Shepparton region rising by 7.5%.

Mr O’Sullivan said the Shepparton community is becoming more dangerous with Daniel Andrews’ soft approach to crime.

"The Shepparton community has been greatly impacted by the crime wave sweeping the state under Daniel Andrews, with robbery in the area up by 26.7% and general crimes against the person up by 3.5%" Mr O’Sullivan said.

"Daniel Andrews has done nothing over the past two years, and it shows because the crime rates in Shepparton continue to rise.

"Not only do we have a situation where crime rates are continuing to rise, but we also know that there aren’t enough police in the region to help combat this and make our communities safer."

Mr O’Sullivan referenced a frightening situation which had been brought to his attention by a member of the Shepparton community.

"One woman we spoke to called the police as her house was being broken into and no police even showed up. Lucky her dog was there to scare the criminal away, otherwise the situation could have ended very badly.

"The next day, she visited the police station only to be told that there were 7 similar call outs of police at around the same time and that there weren’t enough police available to respond to her. This shows how bad things are at the moment with police numbers in Shepparton.

"It is time for country communities to be heard. We desperately need more police resources and sentences that reflect the community’s expectations, to deal with rising crime.

"Under Daniel Andrews, crime will continue to rise and people will continue to feel unsafe in their homes and communities."

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