Deep Creek boat ramp

Mr O'Sullivan (Northern Victoria) — My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and the action I seek is that the minister allow some park rangers from Parks Victoria to accompany me and the Leader of The Nationals in the other place, Peter Walsh, to the Lower Moira boat ramp up near Echuca to attempt to work through a solution to the current impasse in relation to a localised boat ramp on Deep Creek at that location.

I visited this location with Peter Walsh last week. It is between Echuca and Barham. If you drive about half an hour out of Echuca down a few gravel roads, you come across a little enclave at the confluence of Deep Creek and the Murray River. There are probably about 15 or 20 shacks there, some for permanent residents and some for others who have some weekenders. The situation is that there is a little boat ramp there that has had some concrete laid down so boats can be put in. It has probably been in that location for quite a while. It is not the flashiest boat ramp around, but it is serviceable for a little tinnie boat if you want to get it into the river to be able go fishing.

The situation is that the foreshore along Deep Creek is Crown land, but then a bit further back it turns into private land. Previously there was a gate there, and locals could go through that gate down to the foreshore to launch their boats and go fishing. The situation now is that the gate tends to get locked, and therefore the locals are denied the ability to access the boat ramp and put their boats in.

Essentially we are looking to see if we can work towards a sensible outcome to this little issue that seems to be going nowhere. We tried to get the park rangers to come and have a look at this with us last week, but they were not permitted to meet with us at that time for a whole range of reasons. I understand there were some processes that they needed to go through to be allowed to do that, and we could not get that organised in time. So I am hoping that the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change might be able to allow those park rangers to come and meet with me, Peter Walsh and some of the concerned local residents to work through what really should be a fairly simple matter that enables those local residents to be able to put their boats in the water and go fishing.

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