Members statement- Government performance

After three years we have seen the true colours of this government, and they played out just nicely in the Northcote by-election. Labor threw absolutely everything at the campaign, including a huge amount of money. They did lots of pork-barrelling and they were buying votes. The result demonstrated overwhelmingly the rejection of the direction and performance of the Andrews Labor government. At the first opportunity to assess the government at an election the report card was very convincing: voters have rejected the policies of this government.

Crime is out of control and electricity prices and the cost of living are too high. We have congestion everywhere. We have the Country Fire Authority being broken up, and we see the government picking winners and creating losers as a result of that. We have seen the closing down of coal stations, the legalising of drug injecting rooms and unnecessary animal welfare bureaucracy. The great forest national park is certainly now being considered by this government — they will have to ask the Greens. There are rental reforms which will diminish the rights of home owners who rent out their houses.

Daniel Andrews and the Labor government are not governing for all Victorians and will pay a huge price for not doing so. All Victorians will be watching closely the very close relationship between the Labor Party and the Greens. A coalition government between the Greens and Labor is a real possibility from here.

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