Great forest national park

Mr O'SULLIVAN— I just wish to sum up on the motion, and I would like to thank all the speakers who made a contribution on this motion. I would like to touch on a couple of the comments that have been made. In relation to Ms Dunn's contribution, there was nothing there that persuaded me against my existing views in relation to this matter, although she did try hard. There was nothing there that convinced me at all. What I did learn is that the Greens want us to source our timber and paper products from Asia, and she wants us to source our possums from New Zealand. That is something that we will certainly not be agreeing to.

Mr Leane has shown us today that the Labor Party are just going to sit on the fence. They believe in nothing when it comes to sustaining jobs in this state, and they are happy to sell out their base constituency for the sake of getting some Greens preferences and Greens votes in the inner city. The Northcote by-election was very much the proof of this in terms of some of the policies we saw the Labor Party come out with during that by-election. I thought the Labor Party were a party for workers, but clearly they are not a party for anyone who works in the timber industry in terms of what Mr Leane said today.

Mr Young has proved again today that he actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to matters of this sort. He goes out and visits these areas. He uses these areas frequently and actually understands the principles; he goes out and does it in practice rather than doing it in theory, as many others do around here.

One thing that is interesting for me is that the Galaxy poll that was released this week showed that 77 per cent of regional Victorians think Daniel Andrews has dudded regional Victoria. What we have seen in here today from the Labor Party is the reason why people in regional Victoria have that opinion of the Premier. I think that is why the Labor Party is going to retreat from regional Victoria at the next election and try and compete with the Greens for those inner-city seats; it will continue to try and out-green the Greens. I am not sure it is going to work, but it will certainly work for the Greens.

One thing that I think we can certainly assume is that if the next election goes in the wrong direction and there ends up being a Greens-Labor coalition, which I think is about as good as the Labor Party could hope for, there is no doubt the Greens will insist that a great forest national park happens and happens very quickly. I think they will also want to shut down the native timber industry. The Greens will ensure that the Labor Party bans duck hunting. The Greens will ensure that there are further restrictions in relation to public land use. There will certainly be threats to hunting, fishing, camping and any four-wheel driving. There will be a ban on live exports in Victoria and there will be further shutdown of the brown coal industry in the Latrobe Valley. No doubt there will be additional pressure on the intensive animal farming industry.

In terms of this vote, whatever happens afterwards in the next year or so there will need to be an assessment by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council. As I am aware, that has not happened and I do not know whether that is even close to happening, but I hope that that process would need to be undertaken before we go down this path at all. But it should not get to that, because we do not need it, as I have already said in my contribution. I commend this motion to the house and ask members to support it.

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