Heyfield timber mill

Mr O'SULLIVAN — It was great to see so many logging trucks at Parliament today in support of Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) fight to gain the timber supply they need to stay viable and save the jobs of the 260 workers and their families from being chucked on the scrapheap by the Minister for Agriculture and the Premier. While the plight of the Leadbeater's possum is real, the plight of the workers and their families takes precedence every day of the week. The government needs to grant the timber that ASH requires to keep the 260 jobs in Heyfield and the further 10 000 associated jobs in Melbourne of those who use the timber products for hundreds of different uses. This government has killed off Hazelwood and its 1000 jobs in Morwell, and it is now going down the path of killing off Heyfield and its timber workers and their jobs. What a disgrace.

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