Letter to the editor: Shepparton preselection open to entire Shepparton community



For the first time in the history of Victoria, the people of Shepparton will get the chance to vote at a preselection to choose the Nationals candidate for the seat of Shepparton in the November 2018 Victorian state election.

Anyone who is enrolled to vote in the Shepparton electorate will get the chance to choose their preferred candidate who could then potentially become our local Member of Parliament for the seat of Shepparton.

The Nationals are keen to open up the preselection process to allow everybody to vote, not just members of the party, as has been the case previously.

This process will give the people of Shepparton a far greater say and will be the most democratic preselection process in Victoria’s history.

This unique preselection is as much about finding the best possible candidate for Shepparton as it is about giving the community the chance to truly have their say on a process which so greatly affects them.

I believe it is extremely important to give local people the chance to be more involved in the political process, as the decisions which are made in parliament directly affect their communities.

I know that there are a number of people in our community who would make a fine local representative and would make the collective voice of the Shepparton community heard in Victorian Parliament.


Luke O’Sullivan MP

The Nationals Member for Northern Victoria

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