Luke O’Sullivan MP calls for VicRoads to investigate kangaroo numbers

In parliament this week, The Nationals Member for Northern Victoria Luke O’Sullivan sought action from the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to request VicRoads investigate the possibility that increased incidences of cars hitting kangaroos is a result of the newly installed wire protective barriers along many of the freeways in Victoria.

Mr O’Sullivan’s request comes after he noticed 38 dead animals (33 of which were kangaroos) along a 59km stretch of road between Seymour and Wallan.

“I nearly hit a kangaroo myself while driving last Saturday then when I was driving back the same way a few days later, I noticed all of the dead animals had been removed.

“Seeing animals so close to roads in such a high volume is extremely concerning, particularly when the animals are widely considered pests as it is.” Mr O’Sullivan said.

Statistics from the RACV show that the area Mr O’Sullivan mentioned is one of the top 10 areas in Victoria which experience collisions with animals.

“This is something we need to get to the bottom of because kangaroos pose a huge risk of motorists suddenly swerving or running off the road.” Mr O’Sullivan said.

In the Legislative Council this week, Mr O’Sullivan questioned if the reason for there being so many dead animals on the road was because of newly installed protective barriers which have been put in place across Victoria.

“Why were there so many kangaroos? Was it because of the wire barriers?

“This large number of kangaroos so close to roads is so dangerous for car drivers, their families or other occupants.

“I am absolutely in favour of a kangaroo cull if it means making Victoria’s roads a safer place for road users.”

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