Members statement- Country Fire Authority enterprise bargaining agreement

09 May 2017- Mr O'Sullivan- The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is one of the great organisations that we have here in Victoria. What has been really disappointing is the latest attack from the Premier, Daniel Andrews, in his war against the CFA, and what is really disappointing is that we see more secrecy coming out from this government in relation to its intentions about the CFA and where it will go in the future. We see that a secret cabinet committee has been established to work through some issues around dividing up the CFA, and that is really disappointing, particularly when we have got National Volunteer Week happening this week and we should be celebrating the role that the CFA and all volunteers play in our community.

We are seeing at the moment that that will be brought into serious consideration because of the current view of the government in relation to the CFA itself. The CFA has some 70 000 volunteers, and already we are seeing a reduction in the number of volunteers that are participating in the CFA as a result of this ongoing campaign by the United Firefighters Union against the CFA. There was an interesting line in the Herald Sun saying 'Is there anything the Premier won't do to support Peter Marshall and the UFU?'. This might be the biggest political payback to the unions in the history of Victoria.

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