Members statement- Crime rates

06 June 2017- Mr O'Sullivan- Crime is out of control in Victoria. It is absolutely out of control, and Premier Daniel Andrews's legacy to Victoria will be the extent of crime that we are now facing on a day-to-day basis across the whole of the state. Security is meant to be the number one priority of any government, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case with this current Daniel Andrews Labor government. We have got home invasions everywhere, along with carjackings and burglaries, and God help the people who own jewellery stores at the moment. We have got crime gangs roaming all over the place creating havoc wherever they go.

Under Daniel Andrews crime has risen by 20.1 per cent across the whole of Victoria. The only other thing that has risen that much is the amount of taxes that he is charging. In Macedon Ranges crime is up 26 per cent, in Bendigo it is up 25 per cent and in Benalla it is up nearly 36 per cent. The former police commissioner, Kel Glare, said there was a 'crime tsunami' going on in Victoria, and it is just out of control.

This government is not keeping its citizens safe. Whether it comes to the crime that we are seeing in Victoria or the destruction of the Country Fire Authority that is unfolding in front of us now, Daniel Andrews is absolutely soft on crime, and the criminals know it. That is why we see crime rates in Victoria out of control and continuing to increase.

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