Members statement- Electorate office budget

Every day in the media we hear about the latest crime spree that is going on in Victoria, whether that is home invasions or carjackings. Today it is a different type of crime spree that we are hearing about. It is the Labor Party rorting their printing allowances to get cash to pay for memberships ahead of the preselection round that the Labor Party is undertaking. It is no wonder this government is soft on crime. They want to make sure that everyone is nice and soft so they can do whatever they want — to take money from the public purse, from the taxpayer, at every opportunity. Whether it is the red shirt brigade, the dogs and the chauffeur scandal or the second home allowance scandal, there is no end to what this government will do at any time on the taxpayers money. The sooner Labor Party members come clean and profess their innocence the better for everyone, because this stinks right to the core of the Labor Party.

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