Members statement- Fire season preparedness

On Friday, 1 December, summer starts, and as we know summer is the peak fire season and it is bearing upon us very quickly. There have already been fires in some parts of the state, but what we have seen from this government is its failure to resolve the fire services issue here in Victoria. They have brought the legislation to the chamber, and they also forced us to have a rushed select committee in July and August, many months ago. There has been endless debate and endless discussion, yet this issue remains unresolved.

The Premier declared many months ago that he had fixed this issue. Clearly he has not; it is worse than ever. The government now refuses to bring this legislation to the Parliament. It has been sitting on the notice paper for months. I noticed on the notice paper today it is listed at number 13, so clearly the government has no intention of bringing it on anytime soon. The government know this legislation does not treat volunteers fairly. The government know that they are continuing to wage a war on volunteers, and they continue to treat them with disdain. Volunteers deserve our respect. They are there to save lives and to save property, and they are the last line of defence when those fires come bearing down on those communities, those families and those homes. The government has failed the people of Victoria in terms of fire preparedness as a result of this.

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