Members Statement- Mallee Machinery Field Days

08 August 2017- Mr O'Sullivan- Just last week I had the pleasure of attending the Mallee Machinery Field Days up at Speed in the Mallee. These annual field days are very well attended, with over 10 000 people in attendance and with some 350 exhibitors. I attended the field days with my leader, Peter Walsh in the Assembly, and the member for Mildura in the Assembly, Peter Crisp. We had many people come to our site and speak to us about a whole range of issues that are of concern to them, particularly in relation to the changes to the Country Fire Authority. There were many people who were very worried about the impacts that that may have.

I would like to thank and congratulate the committee who put these field days together, particularly Jacko Kiley, the president; Andrew McLean, the secretary; Phil Down, the treasurer; and the committee members for the work that they do. The field days are one of the major fundraisers for the local community organisations that participate, whether that be by getting involved in the car parking, cooking the barbecues or whatever it is within the field days. They play their role, and some of the money that is raised goes to those organisations. It was great on both days. It was particularly wet on the second day, which was terrific for all the farmers up there who are very much looking forward to having a pretty reasonable harvest with the rain that they have had so far.

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