Members statement- New South Wales by-election

On Saturday I attended the Murray by-election up in New South Wales. There was also a by-election in Cootamundra. There was a strong challenge from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party as well as Labor. By-elections are always difficult for sitting governments, but I am very pleased to say that The Nationals had a victory in both of those seats. All of the parties were campaigning against The Nationals. The Shooters and Fishers actually preferenced Labor over The Nationals. The Shooters and Fishers also advocated and advertised for The Nationals to be placed last on the ballot, thus promoting the Greens ahead of The Nationals.

The Greens are anti-country. If they were to have the balance of power here in Victoria, the great forest national park would be a reality, there would be tighter restrictions on law-abiding gun owners and there would be further restrictions on recreational users accessing public lands. They would also stop logging in our forests, costing thousands of jobs. I hope that the Shooters and Fishers have a change of approach before the 2018 Victorian state election.

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