Members statements- Agriculture sector

Right across northern Victoria in my electorate the agriculture season is in full swing. We have got the grain harvest throughout most of the north and also into the Wimmera and some of western Victoria as well. Dairy production is in full swing, and the horticulture industry is coming online with is fruit, grapes and so forth, which are ripening on the trees and vines as we speak. This creates a lot of productivity and money for people in northern Victoria in my electorate.

But what we are about to see are some very large rains right across the state. We are hearing that it could be somewhere between 50 and 300 millimetres in what appears to be a statewide rain event that is going to be quite severe. If you look on the radar that is coming up, it could be more severe than anything we have seen for a long time, and there is potential for much damage to occur in the agricultural sector. Some areas, particularly in the Wimmera, have had much grain damage already through frost and also hail, and it is going to be potentially very devastating for those farmers and communities that might be severely impacted by the heavy rain that we are about to receive. The crop damage I think will be substantial. There could be complete wipe-outs in some areas for those farmers who have not even started to harvest, particularly in the horticultural sector. I think we are probably going to see some plugs as well, so I hope the government is on standby to assist those people who need their assistance in the upcoming days and weeks.

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