Northern Victoria Region

Mr O'Sullivan (Northern Victoria) — My constituency question is for the Minister for Public Transport. Some constituents who have small taxi operations within some regional communities have come to me, and the $2 levy that is going to be applied to them is of major concern. These operators have a whole lot more questions than they are getting answers to in relation to that. What they are particularly concerned about are people on fixed incomes and the elderly who travel short distances for medical appointments and who will have to pay $2 on the way to their appointment and then another $2 on the way back from their appointment, adding $4 on top of the fares they have to pay.

There are other issues surrounding the GST that is going to be applied to the $2 levy. There are not too many answers in relation to that. Of particular concern are some of the cross-border issues that some proprietors have — proprietors who have cabs licensed in two different towns along the Murray River border. There are no answers as to how that will work its way through.

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