Questions without notice- Animal welfare Victoria

My question is to the Minister for Agriculture. Minister, on 22 October 2017 the Animal Justice Party (AJP) on its Facebook page posted to its members and supporters, and I quote:

In recent discussions with the ALP, we, the AJP, negotiated a better welfare deal for animals in Victoria.

Our ideal situation is an independent office for animal welfare … What Labor agreed to is far from that but it is better than the existing situation.

The post ends with a picture of you, Minister. As you have stated, it was your decision to create Animal Welfare Victoria, but you have previously stated that you took no part in negotiations surrounding the eventual policy for preference deals — a little weird, especially with the AJP posting a photo of you. So I ask, are you the person that negotiated a better welfare deal for animals in Victoria with the Animal Justice Party, and if not, who was it?

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