Sheed backs Labor on staff entitlement rorts



Member for Shepparton, Suzanna Sheed voted this week with the Government in Parliament to stop the investigation into the Labor Party rorting of their taxpayer funded staffing entitlements.

The Labor Party are being investigated for rorting the taxpayer by using staff allocations for political purposes in directly campaigning during the 2014 election, against the strict rules for the use of parliamentary staff and electorate allowances.

Ms Sheed’s vote against the investigation comes after the Andrews Labor Government moved to assert privilege, meaning the investigation ordered by the Legislative Council could not be applied to current or former members of the Legislative Assembly. This move would protect current MPs from investigation.

The Nationals Member for Northern Victoria, Luke O’Sullivan has spoken of The Nationals strong support for investigations into the rorts and has condemned Ms Sheed’s protection of the Labor Party MPs

"The Nationals voted in favour of the investigation ordered by the upper house and are in support of a full investigation into the rorting of taxpayer funds by the Labor Party for political campaigning," Mr O’Sullivan said

"With continued allegations of rorting of taxpayer funds, why has Ms Sheed voted to abandon the investigation? Why is Ms Sheed trying to protect the Labor Party from the allegations of rorting of taxpayer’s money?

"Ms Sheed has many questions to answer as to why she voted against the investigation."

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