Shepparton's Biggest Ever Bloke's Lunch

Victorian Parliament- 22nd August 2017- Mr O'Sullivan-  Last Friday I attended Shepparton's Biggest Ever Blokes Lunch, where there were over 700 people in attendance in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Bowel Cancer Australia. In particular, the fundraising from this event went to funding two specialist nurses at Goulburn Valley Health in Shepparton, those two nurses being Sonia Strachan and Katie Emanuelli. Both Sonia and Katie spoke at the event and gave us some background in terms of the work that they undertake in these two very important areas. I would particularly like to thank the organising committee for the work that they did in bringing together over 700 people in Shepparton last Friday, who all gave generously of their money to support this very worthwhile organisation. It is very important that people can get this sort of treatment in their local area, rather than having to go to Melbourne where they are away from their family and friends. Two good friends of mine from Shepparton have needed this particular treatment in the last couple of months, and I wish them well in their ongoing recovery.

I call on all men to ensure that they go and get themselves tested through a simple blood test. I have done it myself just to make sure that I am okay, and I encourage everyone over the age of 45 to get themselves checked, particularly for prostate cancer and any other illnesses that might occur at this time of their lives.

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