Taking back our state: The Liberal-Nationals plan to tackle violent reoffending

An elected Liberal Nationals government would take a tough approach to Victoria’s sentencing laws.

The Nationals Member for Northern Victoria, Luke O’Sullivan said Victorians should feel safe in their homes, but after two years of Labor’s soft approach, the state’s crime rate has skyrocketed by 20 per cent.

In Greater Shepparton, crime rates rose by 14.98% under the Andrews Labor Government

Mr O’Sullivan said it was clear that a tougher approach was needed.

"Even the Police Minister has admitted that Victorians don’t feel safe in their own homes under the Andrews Labor Government," Mr O’Sullivan said.

"Rather than more of the same soft on crime approach, an elected Liberal Nationals government would take a strong approach.

Introducing mandatory minimum jail sentences for the most dangerous offenders in our community would send a message to violent offenders and ensure that we can make our highly crime affected communities, like Shepparton, safe again.

"Violent repeat offenders shouldn’t be getting second, third and fourth chances to commit violent crimes - no more excuses and no more second chances. Its two strikes and you’re in."

The minimum sentences would apply to 11 violent offences, including rape, aggravated burglary, manslaughter by single punch or strike, and murder.

Mr O’Sullivan said these changes would extend to all areas of our community, with the aim of making homes and streets in Shepparton, and across Victoria, safer.

"Perpetrators of domestic violence, who think they can ignore the lessons of earlier violent behaviour, will face long sentences for their contempt for our laws." Mr O’Sullivan said.

This announcement is part of a broader suite of policies that will be needed to make Victoria safe.

It joins earlier announcements by the Liberal Nationals on bail, sentencing, police resourcing and youth justice.

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